Quality Assurance Plant



1. Material suppliers are selected on the basic of their ability to deliver the ordered material with the inquired quality requirements

We establish and maintain records of acceptable sub contractors

2. Purchasing documents contain data, clearly describing the product ordered.


3. It is ensured that incoming material or products are not used or processed until being inspected or otherwise verified as confirming to specified requirements.

4. Inspections in the form of : - material certificate acc. To DIN.50049 (test)
- dimensions acc. To given drawings


1. Process monitoring
2. Process control
3. Check of dimensions with sample test against drawing no of sample :50/100/200
4. Check records of the samples at the machine
5. Measuring and test equipment are controlled, calibrated and maintained
6. Machined parts that does not conform to specified requirements (drawing) are prevented from inadvertent use or installation.
7. Control provides identification, documentation , evaluation, segregation of nonconforming machined parts.


8. Secure storage areas and stock rooms are provided to prevent damage or deterioration of the product.
9. Packing, preservation and marking processes (including materials used) are controlled to ensure conformance to the specified requirements
10. The protection of the quality of the product after final inspection and test is arranged until the absolute time of delivery.


Quality records as there are : - material certificated DIN 50049
- certificates of head treatment
- check of dimensions and tolerances
Are sent with the delivery to the customer. Pertinent sub contractor quality records are an element of these data.
Processing Program

Mechanical engineering and too thing of wheel bodies provided by our customers. Mechanical treatment of serial parts in our workshop.

Machine’s and processing systems for the mechanical engineering :

Automatic single spindle lathes for processing bars
Automatic multiple spindle lathes for processing bars and feed
Automatic collar spindle lathes
Turret lathes
Center lace machines
CNC lathes

Supplementary machinery available :

Cleaning machines
Circular grinding machines
Angular grinding machines

Presses :

Eccentric presses for force of pressure from 15 – 320 tones
Hydraulic presses for force of pressure from 10 – 40 tones

Choice of material :

The choice of material is of great importance. As a consequence, we proceed a variety of different material, such as : Free cutting steel, case hardened steel, tempering steel, stainless steel, non ferrous metals, cast alloys, laminated fabrics.

Surface Up – Grading :

Up – grading is partly performed by us and partly by recognized sub contractors. For example : galvanizing, chromating, cadmium-plating.

Surface Protection :

Powder coating

Quality control :

Each individual course of manufacture quality control is executed. We guarantee one hundred percent control of all end products.
Test methods being carried out in our factory :
Hardness test such as : Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell B & C
Met – 1 checks
Rapture test (machines up to 60 tones)
Thread measuring,
Test according to customers specification s
Test methods being carried out at contractors works :
Ultrasonic and X-ray analysis

If desired, test reports and inspection certificates can be supplied according to DIN. 900 – 9004

All items, transports and conveying system, specific installations, flat link chains and special chain produced by us comply with the standard regulations for prevention of accidents and with the general rules of recognized technology.